Airdrop Bot

Starting from
€150.00 EUR

Airdrop Bot for your airdrop campaign - 2 month host

EVM Chain Cluster

Starting from
€1,800.00 EUR

Deploy your blockchain like binance blockchain

Liquidity Bot

€1,200.00 EUR

Arbitrage bot for liquidating your token
Built with Ruby

Auto Airdrop + Sale

Starting from
€250.00 EUR

A dapp to airdrop your token and perform Tokensale. each user will click the claim now button and token will be sent automatically

UK Company Incorporation

€450.00 EUR

We will Incorporate your Company in UK. Provide Certificate and Company house link

Exchange Script

€8,500.00 EUR
  • Screenshot - https //

Pancakeswap Fork

€1,200.00 EUR

Pancake swap fork with farming and swap

Backup Archive Recovery

€50.00 EUR

Recover archive backup for terminated hosting plans within 90 days